Fire cannot kill a dragon

Helen McCrory for Harrods Magazine (2014)


If there is one thing in my life I regret, it’s not this.


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

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(I’m trying to prove a point)

I’m crazy. I’m a crazy person. There is something really wrong with me.
There’s something wrong with all of us. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in here. 


Everything about this movie is gold


Fifty Shades of glorifying abusive relationships.

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1. I got the keys to my own home today, and even though I’m quite panicky about this all happening so fast (I didn’t even know I was moving until two days ago) I am so happy it finally happened :) 

2. I bought the ‘Big book of stupid jokes’ yesterday at Waterstones, and it’s hilarious. I’m driving everyone completely insane here because I keep reading these jokes out loud but I never finish them because I’m laughing too hard :”) 

3. The Da Vinci Code is my ultimate movie. I think it’s the best film ever, though I know it’s not nearly perfect but for some reason I’ve seen it over fifty times and I’m still fascinated. I love it so much. 

4. I’m currently dating an incredibly sweet, caring, smart, funny and beautiful girl, and for the first time in four years, I don’t want to be single anymore. I hope we’ll end up together. 

5. I’ve known my best friend for two years now, but we didn’t actually get to know each other until last April. Within two weeks I just knew I found my soulmate, and finding your soulmate in your best friend is just one of the most beautiful things that could happen. 

The Blessings of Skyrim nature and scenery - 2

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You took my baby from me and hurt her. And now she’s all grown up and she’s fine. But I’ll never see my baby again.

One of the most chilling moments in Doctor Who comes from the look on Amy Pond’s face and the revenge in her voice as she openly defies any moral code she is expected to live by as the Doctor’s associate and kills the woman who kidnapped and tortured her daughter.

I knew… that you would leave the forest…someday, Link. Because you are different from me and my friends…”




Virginity only matters if you’re lighting the black flame candle to summon witches.

Actually, When people talk about “blood of a virgin”, what’s actually meant is “virgin blood”, aka blood that’s never before been used in a ritual.

Therefore, virginity doesn’t matter for anything.

*noises of comprehension and frustration that I didn’t make that connection before*